Monday, 27 December 2010

Making baby diaper cakes

Diaper cakes not only make great center but also a useful and practical gift for the mother.

How many nappies you need will depend on how many levels of the cake that will be created. Usually it takes around 50 new disposable diapers for three levels of cakes. Depending on you if you want to display a printed motif to or not.

Baby diaper cakes can be decorated with ribbon baby blue or pink or with pale green ribbon or lemon mint. Some trinkets small babies can also be used to decorate cakes. For example pacifier, rattle, hair brush, bib, teething ring and little socks or booties.

Above baby diaper cakes  is then can be placed a little doll or toys that are no other hard,
rubber duck or a baby bottle or something according to your taste