Tuesday, 6 December 2011

For Safety, Don't Sleep With Your Babies

Sleeping with your baby in one bed could be an option for mothers to monitoring and breast-feeding at night. However, with the news reported by the CBC, you have to think twice to sleep in one bed with your baby for safety.

Andrée Kronstrom, a coroner (a public official who investigates the death with inspections if there are unreasonably deaths occur) of Quebec's Public Health Institute advises all parents not to sleep with their baby in the same bed. If you have roommates, then let the baby sleep in special sleeping baby box.

It is not without reason, since 2008 to 2009, all one-year-old babies and less than one year old that died during sleep occurs when they sleep in one bed with their parents. Kronstrom think this could be caused because the baby will have an increased risk of asphyxiation (suffocation), while sleeping with their parents.