Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tips for Saving Baby Equipment Cost When Shopping

After birth, you would need to complete baby care equipment to care for the baby. In doing this you will need to be observant in searching baby equipment that must be in accordance with your baby because of many brands available and not to mention expensive baby-care equipment.

Basically, required equipment for newborns are food, diapers, clothes, car seat (if you drive by car), infant seat, changing table and baby crib.

Trends at every consumer are that they choose the highest price with the reasons; the most expensive definitely have best quality. But keep in mind that this is not always true.

Then you need to find out and know which brands are reliable at an affordable price. In addition, another trend that occurred in this period is that you do not know the true extent and what are the equipment needs of the age of your baby.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Baby Feeding - That Must be Considered

Many young mothers, especially first-time experience have a baby, are confused in choosing the most appropriate baby food and how the right way to feeding the baby. Many young mothers who have been consulted even more confused, because the answers of each person are different.

Food, besides being source of energy in the human body, as we know, food is also a supporting factor for the growth and development of the child's body, especially infants. In which baby's growth cycle is very fast.

From after birth, baby weight reached an average of 3 kg and within one year, baby body weight could reach about 9 kg. Therefore, it is important baby feeding must be qualified nutritional needs.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Preparation before baby bathing

If you are the parents of the newly baby coming for the first time, then the process of bathing the baby would be fun and scary for you.

You must be careful to bathing newborn baby because the body still weak. Well, this time you can prepare what equipment should you need before starting the process of bathing newborn baby.
  1.  Pillows and Towels.If you just want to wipe your baby, and then use the pillows and towels will greatly assist this process, especially your hands have to hold the baby. Put a pillow wrapped in a towel and lay your baby on it. Do not forget, this activity should you do in a closed room, so that your baby is not cold.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Baby Diapers Must Be Clean and Dry

Behind the soft, baby skin is also more sensitive than adult skin. Experts say skin thickness of the newborns is thinner than adult skin and very sensitive. While an average in a day baby can produce urine up to 20 times.

Baby's skin is sensitive because it is not perfect and still in development, especially the epidermal tissue or outer skin. Making it more sensitive to temperature changes, irritability, and germs. The most important thing is baby used diaper to make baby's skin remains dry and clean.

Dry become necessary because on the bottom there is genital, which is anus as a place of disposal. Not only water is irritating but also the remains of disposal such as urine or feces must be removed quickly, should not be in contact with skin. If the rest of the disposal too long contact with the baby's skin will cause irritation.

Monday, 14 November 2011

How to treating newborn baby

Congratulations Moms, you have just become a mother. Like a new mother, you might panic or confusion. Never mind, it is natural!

Well, hopefully the following tips can increase Moms confidence for caring for the baby.
In order baby not sleepy during breastfeeding.

Actually, during breastfeeding the baby is not sleepy. When finished breastfeeding, the baby sleeping soundly, indicating it is full. However, another case for premature infants or fewer months fast asleep, as well while he was feeding.

If during breastfeeding the baby sleeps, wake up with touch baby body parts like head, or gently patting her feet. Thus the next, until 15-20 minutes of breastfeeding ends.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Travelling Far, Change baby diapers as often as possible

The use of disposable diapers or diapers on child generally easy task for parents in take care the baby, especially when we have to travel far, as well as trips to hometown. But behind such ease, the use of diapers still invite risk and should be considered carefully as possible.

Improper use of the diaper can actually cause problems for babies. Especially when the baby should be a long trip like going back to hometown, use of diapers that are too long will trigger health problems to the baby. The most common problems in the baby diaper usage are diaper rash, skin irritation that is caused due to inflammation caused by skin contact with the diaper.

Because of inflammation, usually there will be redness on baby's skin, especially in the area covered by the diaper. In fact, it will invite fungus and bacterial infections.

Friday, 11 November 2011

How to Change Baby Diapers

Another thing mom doing when taking care baby is changing diapers. Is that cloth diapers or disposable diapers, Mom could easily do it if mastering the technique. At first time, it may seem difficult - but Mom would quickly advance. Here is a guide that can help you.

Babies do not like wearing wet or dirty diapers. In order to feel more easily and quickly replace it, make sure all equipment is near the Mom. What?
• cotton / wet wipes / towel cloth
• small basin containing boiled water to wash the baby's bottom
• small soft towel (to dry baby's bottom after scaling)
• clean diaper
• When necessary, Mom can also prepare a diaper cream to prevent irritation

Preventing Accidents In Infants

Most efforts to prevent accidents at home are often perceived fetched by the parents. But in fact, the number of accidents often occurs in infants. Prevent now!

It is not kidding. The data shows the number of accidents in the house mostly occurs in children. In infants, most accidents occur from falls, scratches sharp objects, choking, gagging or accidentally ingesting drugs and chemicals are placed in any place. Predictably, such accidents are generally caused by negligence of the adults around them.

According to Dr. Sudjoko Kuswadji, MSc (OM) PKK, occupational health specialists, every accident that occurs in children at home is the responsibility of parents. "Therefore, children under five years old, basically can not to take care himself."