Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Baby Diapers Must Be Clean and Dry

Behind the soft, baby skin is also more sensitive than adult skin. Experts say skin thickness of the newborns is thinner than adult skin and very sensitive. While an average in a day baby can produce urine up to 20 times.

Baby's skin is sensitive because it is not perfect and still in development, especially the epidermal tissue or outer skin. Making it more sensitive to temperature changes, irritability, and germs. The most important thing is baby used diaper to make baby's skin remains dry and clean.

Dry become necessary because on the bottom there is genital, which is anus as a place of disposal. Not only water is irritating but also the remains of disposal such as urine or feces must be removed quickly, should not be in contact with skin. If the rest of the disposal too long contact with the baby's skin will cause irritation.

Disposable diapers or cloth diapers, if wet, should be replaced immediately. On the use of disposable diapers often must be replaced every 3 hours to 4 hours. And every baby is different. It could be before that time already full so it must quickly replaced. Weather or climate changes also affects to the disposable diaper change.

At night the urge to urinate less than in the daytime. The duration of urination was longer at night. The experts also rejected the myth that wearing diapers too often will cause baby leg to form O. According to them, curved foot in infants up to 18 months still considered normal

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