Monday, 21 November 2011

Preparation before baby bathing

If you are the parents of the newly baby coming for the first time, then the process of bathing the baby would be fun and scary for you.

You must be careful to bathing newborn baby because the body still weak. Well, this time you can prepare what equipment should you need before starting the process of bathing newborn baby.
  1.  Pillows and Towels.If you just want to wipe your baby, and then use the pillows and towels will greatly assist this process, especially your hands have to hold the baby. Put a pillow wrapped in a towel and lay your baby on it. Do not forget, this activity should you do in a closed room, so that your baby is not cold.
  2. Washcloth. You also will need a washcloth or sponge baths for babies. Begin to take off baby clothes one by one so that the baby is not cold. Wash your baby body from the neck down.
  3. Infant bathtub. Before you take the baby for bath, make sure the baby bath is available and ready to use. You can layer the bottom with a towel or a sponge, so that your baby feels more comfortable and safe. Use of this bath usually starts on the second day after birth.
  4. Towel-capped. Towel with cap is good for drying your baby after a bath. Remember; do not rub the towel into the body, because the skin may blister. Simply pat it dry.
  5. Cotton balls. Cotton balls are very helpful for clean the baby's eyes area. Start cleaning from the inside of baby eyes toward the outside. Use a different cotton ball for each eye.
  6. Sterilized gauze. Put your finger wrapped in Sterilized gauze, to clean the inside of your baby's mouth with moistened warm water and rub with gently.
  7. Baby skin products. Many controversies around the use of cream and powder for babies. Clearly, avoid using products that use perfume, powder and avoid excessive use of powder, because it can cause respiratory problems for your baby.
  8. Baby soap. Use of soap, actually can disrupt the stability of the pH of your baby's body. In fact, the pH of the body can help protect it from various germs. Well, any baby soap you choose, try to choose a soap product which really safe for your baby.
  9. Baby shampoo. Choose which does not make baby eyes sore. Use shampoo 2 times a week, not necessarily every day. The trick, drop 2 or 3 drops of shampoo on your baby's head, then rub your baby scalp slowly.
  10. Nail clippers. After your baby bath, baby nails become very soft. Therefore, this is a good time to cut baby nails (use special baby nail clippers).
  11. Soft Brush. To clean the crust or dirt in your baby's scalp, use a very soft brush. You can do it every day, after bath.
  12. Clean diapers. Provide clean diapers for the baby first before you put on clothes to your baby. There are two kinds of diapers that you can wear, cloth diapers and disposable diapers. For the night, usually use disposable diapers and cloth diapers in use in the daytime.

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