Thursday, 24 November 2011

Baby Feeding - That Must be Considered

Many young mothers, especially first-time experience have a baby, are confused in choosing the most appropriate baby food and how the right way to feeding the baby. Many young mothers who have been consulted even more confused, because the answers of each person are different.

Food, besides being source of energy in the human body, as we know, food is also a supporting factor for the growth and development of the child's body, especially infants. In which baby's growth cycle is very fast.

From after birth, baby weight reached an average of 3 kg and within one year, baby body weight could reach about 9 kg. Therefore, it is important baby feeding must be qualified nutritional needs.

 Principally, baby needs feeding gradually. From an early stage that starts from the liquid, and semi-solid, solid, and then continue with normal food such as rice and side dishes. Do not miss the water intake, vitamins, and minerals for your baby should fit the needs of the baby.

However, the condition of infants to determine readiness to receive food intake. Because baby feeding practice is individualized. Not necessarily all 4 months infants ready to be given milk porridge.

Physical condition of the baby also determines readiness to receive the type of food intake. The physical condition of the baby including weight and height. Where in this case pediatrician who has special competence to assess.

Therefore, it is important to monitor baby growth each month from all aspects. From the baby's height, weight, immunization schedules and methods of diet intake.

Customize your infant physical development with baby diet, while still remains in parents and pediatricians monitoring, baby will achieve optimum growth process. Some important things to remember, how much and how frequently baby feeding, it all depends on age, growth rate, weight, and metabolism. And all that not the same between one baby with other babies.

The conclusion of baby feeding is you should consider the following points:
1. Baby Age
2. Baby Weight and Height
3. Baby growth rate
4. Baby metabolism.
5. Consider advice of your pediatrician

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