Sunday, 13 November 2011

Travelling Far, Change baby diapers as often as possible

The use of disposable diapers or diapers on child generally easy task for parents in take care the baby, especially when we have to travel far, as well as trips to hometown. But behind such ease, the use of diapers still invite risk and should be considered carefully as possible.

Improper use of the diaper can actually cause problems for babies. Especially when the baby should be a long trip like going back to hometown, use of diapers that are too long will trigger health problems to the baby. The most common problems in the baby diaper usage are diaper rash, skin irritation that is caused due to inflammation caused by skin contact with the diaper.

Because of inflammation, usually there will be redness on baby's skin, especially in the area covered by the diaper. In fact, it will invite fungus and bacterial infections.

 Parents who do not keep hygiene in the genital area around the baby after the use of diapers can be at risk of urinary tract infection (UTI). UTI is a bacterial infection that occurs in the urinary tract. A symptom that may arise from the UTI is an uneasy feeling during urination.

The use of diapers can trigger the occurrence of UTI, when infants have risk factors. The risk factors for example, in infants who are experiencing of diarrhea, so easily exposed germs (bacteria E. Coli) derived from the dirt more often exposed to the urethra (the tube that connects the urinary bladder). In women infants with adhesions in the vaginal area or a baby boy with a narrow foreskin (phimosis), also have a risk of developing UTI.

Diapers generally safe to use as long as parents diligently to change and always maintain the cleanliness when changing diapers.

"As much as possible genital area around it cleaned with clean water flow. Be careful in the selection of materials to clean skin exposed with diapers. The skin usually becomes more sensitive and easily irritated. Choose a soft material to clean.

Here are some tips on safe use of diapers in infants, especially when you have to travel far (going back to hometown).

1. Change diapers as often as possible.
2. When you change diapers, wipe with a soft cloth and do not rub.
3. When replacing, give the chance of skin exposed to the air for a while so not too humid, so the fungus does not grow.
4. Avoid using plastic pants.
5. May give the skin protection containing zinc or petroleum so that the skin is not in direct contact with feces.
6. Give your baby or child plenty of fluids during going back to hometown, to prevent urinary tract infections.
7. When it looks reddish in the diaper area immediately discontinues use of diapers.

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