Sunday, 5 March 2017

DIY - How To Make Your Own baby Wipes

Hey guys do it on a dime here so in this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make your own baby wipes are so inexpensive. You can do them for less than a dollar a container plus you'll know every single ingredient going on your baby skin and even if you have kids out of diapers these are great for more strides in your own skin we just love them and they couldn't be simpler so let me know you guys.

How To Make Your Own baby Wipes

First you need coconut oil this accident natural moisturizer and it's also great for treating diaper rash next to one and all natural shampoo as well as oil baby oil as fast I love Burt's Bees products just cuz I can get them really cheap with coupons and it's all natural I can pronounce all of the ingredients on the bottle you also need distilled water it's very important that the water is distilled because you don't want these whites getting mold in them and you also need a storage container you really don't need them as you think you do I just had to its 64-ounce ones that are meant to be freeze where I need to go on sale all the time at the grocery store.

Next you want to sharpen a serrated knife I always sharpen my knife before I do this and you need a quality paper towel just a name brands was talking to disintegrate once you pour the liquid on it using the night if you want to cut your paper towel and half next you want to take two cups of your distilled water and just warm it up in the microwave and then put your coconut oil just one tablespoon and it's going to melt provided the water is 76 degrees or warmer and then just add a little squirt of your oil and your baby shampoo and that's it you're going to mix it up. I don't measure that stuff I just do a little squirt that's really all you need and then you're going to place your paper towel half of the Roll inside one of the containers and pour the solution over top of it once you let it sit for just a minute or so you're going to be able to pull out the inside roll and then from the center just like you would a container of Lights you can start pulling out one way that as I know it might not look like your paper towels going to fit but I promise it will just put the lid on and squish it all the way down and it's going to be kind of Zig zaggy inside of their open up that still works just the same if you're using it several times a day for a week or two which is the perfect amount of time with distilled water and there is going to prevent it as long as you use it within a couple of weeks these whites are fantastic I love this container it was 50% off at the grocery stores by glad I just really like it for this and I just took a chocolate with the date on the road no problem just take them and go back those usually come from the store and they're going on my child have you ever made your own before I would love to take you guys in the next so I can see you there

Friday, 3 March 2017

Fabric Hair Bow Tutorial - DIY Fabric Bows

Hi today I'm going to show you how to make a fabric hair bow you will need to get a piece of paper first and you're going to measure out two and a half inches wide by 7 inches long and then we will cut our fabric out on that we will also need a little piece of fabric that is 3 inches by 2 inches wide you'll need a felt Circle needle and thread an alligator clip that's line and some hot glue okay so let's go ahead and get started what you will need to do is when she make your template that's 10 a half inches by 7 inches you will put your fabric down and then you will put your pattern above it and then you will cut a long will lines here and here okay what we're going to do is use a combination of hot glue and a needle and thread the hot glue is just going to make it easier for folding purposes or what we're going to do is we're going to essentially fold this and two thirds but what I'm going to do is right here on my Edge right here I'm going to put a little piece of little. Of hot glue just to kind of hold that edge down is here so when you fold it and have it will just stick right there for you and on the other side you can just use a little paste clear just to hold that down you can also use fabric glue if you'd like to then you can put some more hot glue down on this side and fold the den you want to overlap it slightly and put some more hot glue down on the right side you don't have to do that but that just helps when your folding okay so now we are going to fold in or right side and Toothless the middle then we're going to fold the left side and to the middle just like this this should be a 5 inch wide hair bow so you can get your measuring tape and just make sure that that is 5 inch wide though you can bring that in just a little bit just to make sure that that's the correct with that you would like okay we're going to go ahead and turn it over we are going to hold it like this right put your son right in the center of your bow and you're going to fold it up you can pinch it right there then you're going to feel this right side again up and Hold Up pinch now what's going to happen is on the backside these are going to be lined up just like that okay sir going to hold the right side of the boat you're going to fold it in again and pinch it and bold that last part in and Pitch so you essentially have 1 2 3 4 bumps just like this okay so what we're going to do is you just going to eyeball it a little bit and make sure that your fingers are pinched right in the center of your hair bow then you will get your needle and thread and push it right through the center of that this is a really sick Center so you might need to use your nail and I've actually had to push the needle through down on my Surface just to get that needle through all the way in my butt and just pull that through then you going to go put your needle through the little loop on the back now we're going to wrap you're the red loosely around the bow of Utah Reason why is when you have it completed you want to be able to move this and make sure that it's completely Center it so don't pull it to type okay and then we're going to just secure off the end here to the back.

like that's okay and then get your scissors and cut so you're just going to pull this thread to the right a little bit and make sure that you have it even cuz somehow when I make these I listen to Do It Center so I do that for add a little bit later so that I can pull it to the right and make sure that it's nice and Center okay now that my bow is centered you can pull from the middle just the fluff a little bit and then we're going to do is take that piece the long part is the 3 inches and then this is the 2 we are going to bold this you're hot glue a little. In the middle on the left side and a little. In the middle on the right side just like the forward going to fold it into thirds can you going to put a little bit of glue towards the end here on the right and a little glue here on the end on the left and you're going to pull this all the way down towards the edge and cut off any exit they are so it doesn't show okay so now we have our centerpiece cut your hair bow and then just fold this Center down the middle and then bring it towards the back we are going to put some hot blue down the middle and just push that down there bring the side back up this add here up what we're going to do here is pull up and I'm going to fold that down just a little bit to make a nice add with some more glue down all that
okay now that's just the way you want it then we can bring her go back and you can fluff and make sure that this is Center so you going to pull that down if you need to and just fluff your bill how you would like it okay last Lee what we're going to do is bring it over to the back I've got a 1 inch felt Circle when to cut a little bit off of The Edge on each side then I'm going to get my hot glue then I'm going to put my little felt Circle peace down right on top of that and lastly I'm going to get more hot glue put align down here and then just take my align to alligator clip and put it right on the back you can use a French Barrette if you'd like or an alligator clip whatever is the easiest for you and some people use paste for dogs so you can put another extra Loop of fabric on here and that would be to put it on the caller so that is how to make a fabric hair bow thank you so much for joining us and have a great day

How to sew a Burp Cloth - easy for beginners!

Hi  welcome to meet everyday I love giving him the gift to my friends and I especially love baby gift today I'm a show you how to make the perfect little set of birth Clause 3 in a bundle and I love all your friends and babies wishing they had their own pile so let's get started.

every mom needs a burp cloth or 10 we're there a nursing or bottle feeding in there just the perfect thing to sit under the baby's nap while they're drinking put of your shoulder while they were in and they can even double as a toy many times I found my kids in the backseat chewing on it playing with it as or sit in their car seat when I first started out my business is to make and sell these in an online shop and cute little bundles of 3 now I mostly just give him his gift and they're my favorite thing to give because not only are they really useful is what you need Fabric and cotton Chenille fabric IPhone cloth diapers use of the back what I like to use is a Chenille Fabric and it's super soft and has a little pile the fabric on top which makes it really absorbent I love to buy it online for about $12 a yard and I found it if I cut them 9 and a half by 16 and a half inches I can get 12 out of yours really awesome and I even create a template for myself to make it easy for cut it I cut cardstock I lay down I cut around and I cut more and I cut and I cut and now I have this awesome pile ready to go and I mean to make her off now its cover other drivers okay I've got something here which is a great weight for a burp cloth just going to put my Chanel right over the top and if you have a different comment that's not quite as heavy as sometimes add an extra layer in between just another white cotton fabric or something like that and then just cut right it's so nice having all these things create cut then you can just go dodo okay this is what we're going to do this is kind of like someone a pillow you can leave a small opening so we can get her hand in and out and then we're going to sew around the edges so it penis and I'd like to leave an opening just thinking of your hands that's a pen and a ton of places just enough to keep it together and then one more thing I like to add these cute little labels I had the maid online and they are just that kind of custom feel to the things that I'm going to stay there all about on the bottom and now we're here and starting with a Hornet with your fabric as you will actually fit on the outside after we talked on it so I am just using white just follow all the instructions around on your machine and then just go over here and presses favorite little button on my new meds for being okay we're ready to remember the really mean opening start of the start point and go all around right here 3/8 inch Did have another really quickly that makes it an awesome just so you don't have to spend a lot of time in fact you probably would spend less time so I 3 / Paws and you were driving the bus or find something okay that corner stop left couldn't turn down the next size

Okay I want to trim all below the corners but there's a certain this will help it just to get those Corners the stick out nicely do all 4 and then turn the whole thing right set up so that was the fun like to see how well it works right there make sure you press all of those Corner that with your finger trouble with 5 everywhere we're going to so it shows up on the outside when it's all the way around the entire thing and it will open and close all the way down

Stop that cuts my birth class and 2/3 easier to carry and it stays together better so what I'm going to do you don't need them measure anything just pulled it and kind of eyeball it okay for my first and then just so line then you don't have to be totally precise I'm just kind of I bowling this going straight across if you have a fabric with a line in it or something metric shapes that helps a little bit easier to sew straight line hey bring it back over bold it again okay next line should go back to the machine Doolittle back stitch just eyeball it as you go down this need to be precise okay there we go now let me show you how to do it a little later and just because you'll be amazed at how many little pieces of snail are all over the place
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Pretty I watch it today we're going to kick off our Valentine's Day celebration with a Baby Alive Rockford tutorial check the description box for the link to the free pattern once we finish this tutorial you be able to use your creativity to make all kinds of robbers t-shirt and sweatshirt and definitely subscribe so you don't miss our next tutorial what will show you how to make Valentine's inspired dresses for Baby Alive and American Girl all right let's get started I have a pattern printed and all cut out we're going to make a rock or similar to this one that Carlos is where I'm going to use these to a shirt is my fabric stretchy material is definitely best for this project first I'll lay out the body pattern piece and cut out too then I Use the sleeves of this old sweater to cut out the sleeves of the wrong but I want the end of this leave to be folded so I'll account for that as well you can also cut the sleeves from regular T-shirt with Ariel and an armband later next cut off the stretchy bending at the bottom of the sweater this is what I used for the ankle bands and that fan all right now so FirstSource leave down to one piece of the body good side to this guy okay so after I did that I actually decided to sell these really cute little harder than a page from a sweatshirt because then they won't wrap it so now it's so the other side of this lease to The Back Body page all right now cut about 4 inches down the best that we can get this thing on our babies and if you don't have a built-in armband like ideas this is the time that you want to add that they will make those things outside from the sleeves to the ankle what's with them that we can still the ankle band down to each leg if you want the armor legs together make sure you stretch the van while sewing now so down the net ban stretching it while we still as well now to finish it up I could have 2 inch strip of sweatshirt material and sold it to one side of my back opening there so one side of a piece of velcro to the inside of the sweatshirts trip and the other side of Velcro on to the other side of the opening lastly you can turn it inside out and so down the inside leg things now technically your finish but I was inspired by baby shirt iPhone pictures and so I'm going to freehand paid on the front and feel free to follow my girls and dolls board on Pinterest if you want to sneak peek of what I might do that what's his drive we can put it on a baby in add a cute little hat check out this tutorial for how make that okay Jacob is ready to make a lot of money on Valentine's Day with his Irresistible One 0 / and what does super easy Romper pattern you can let your creativity room while Carlos has a hidden Pocket in front and Buttercup have a Hot Pocket in front also added the last and to give her a little bit please then Daisy is looking super stylish and her candy stripe Romper with her her red hearts blue down the front I had these just lying around but I saw something very similar at Dollar Tree this week and last but not least I included a bonus pattern for Gary dolls off-the-shoulder sweatshirt it is all the same basic steps but I just turn the neck under and sold it down so I hope you're feeling super inspired by Valentine's look left know which is your favorite And subscribe so you don't miss our next tutorial see you soon bye

DIY Baby Diaper cake

Hi everyone my friend is having a baby shower so I decided to create her diaper cake and so today I'm going to show you how to make one and so I'm going to use a baby blanket I'm going to use the stuffed animal of course diapers and all kinds of ribbons because it she's expecting a baby boy I have all kinds of blue ribbons and the blanket and stuffed animal is also kind of blue so let's get started first I'm going to take this blanket and I'm go to Creed 2 the right and now I'm just going to use the ribbon to tie it up on each this is how the blanket looks like so far I'm going to use this tube to wrap around the diapers to create to hopefully create three layers of the cake so I'm going to take a piece of ribbon and I'm going to wrap it around and my sister is going to hold the ribbons together as I all the time there in diapers and place them under the um ribbon itself each layer the first layer of the cake is ready now I'm just create two more layers here and then I'm going to The bottom layer is done and as I said I didn't 3 layers 3 individual layers of Tyler diapers now I'm going to work on the second layer and layer will have to individual layers and the third one will have one layer How to diaper cake looks like so far and now I'm going to work on the third layer right here and mr. layer will only have one drop of diapers around.

the cake is ready now comes the fun part of decorating in sodium stuffed animal Will Go On Top all we can't really see it but it will stay on top of the cake and now he's all kinds of ribbon to decorate it I will especially try to cover up the white ribbon that holds each layer of the diapers

This is how my diaper cake looks like IDM it is not difficult to make you need two people to get this thing done and a whole box of diapers although I do have some diapers left and I'm just going to put them in a gift bag it will go together with the with the cake itself and just to let you know you have to be very careful how you um grab it from the bottom so you do not destroy the cake what I did I cut out a square from dark from the um diaper box and I placed it underneath and you can't even see the cardboard from underneath and not only makes it easier to transport it but it also shows it will show money to be what kind of diapers these are and the size of the diapers because health information is on the of cardboard itself now I'm just so sad this is the close up up up the cake and as I mentioned before other show before I used two types of blue ribbons 1 plain 1 + 1 with that says it's a boy and I mean IDM it is really up to you how you decorate the cake so have fun and enjoy making your own