Friday, 3 March 2017

How to sew a Burp Cloth - easy for beginners!

Hi  welcome to meet everyday I love giving him the gift to my friends and I especially love baby gift today I'm a show you how to make the perfect little set of birth Clause 3 in a bundle and I love all your friends and babies wishing they had their own pile so let's get started.

every mom needs a burp cloth or 10 we're there a nursing or bottle feeding in there just the perfect thing to sit under the baby's nap while they're drinking put of your shoulder while they were in and they can even double as a toy many times I found my kids in the backseat chewing on it playing with it as or sit in their car seat when I first started out my business is to make and sell these in an online shop and cute little bundles of 3 now I mostly just give him his gift and they're my favorite thing to give because not only are they really useful is what you need Fabric and cotton Chenille fabric IPhone cloth diapers use of the back what I like to use is a Chenille Fabric and it's super soft and has a little pile the fabric on top which makes it really absorbent I love to buy it online for about $12 a yard and I found it if I cut them 9 and a half by 16 and a half inches I can get 12 out of yours really awesome and I even create a template for myself to make it easy for cut it I cut cardstock I lay down I cut around and I cut more and I cut and I cut and now I have this awesome pile ready to go and I mean to make her off now its cover other drivers okay I've got something here which is a great weight for a burp cloth just going to put my Chanel right over the top and if you have a different comment that's not quite as heavy as sometimes add an extra layer in between just another white cotton fabric or something like that and then just cut right it's so nice having all these things create cut then you can just go dodo okay this is what we're going to do this is kind of like someone a pillow you can leave a small opening so we can get her hand in and out and then we're going to sew around the edges so it penis and I'd like to leave an opening just thinking of your hands that's a pen and a ton of places just enough to keep it together and then one more thing I like to add these cute little labels I had the maid online and they are just that kind of custom feel to the things that I'm going to stay there all about on the bottom and now we're here and starting with a Hornet with your fabric as you will actually fit on the outside after we talked on it so I am just using white just follow all the instructions around on your machine and then just go over here and presses favorite little button on my new meds for being okay we're ready to remember the really mean opening start of the start point and go all around right here 3/8 inch Did have another really quickly that makes it an awesome just so you don't have to spend a lot of time in fact you probably would spend less time so I 3 / Paws and you were driving the bus or find something okay that corner stop left couldn't turn down the next size

Okay I want to trim all below the corners but there's a certain this will help it just to get those Corners the stick out nicely do all 4 and then turn the whole thing right set up so that was the fun like to see how well it works right there make sure you press all of those Corner that with your finger trouble with 5 everywhere we're going to so it shows up on the outside when it's all the way around the entire thing and it will open and close all the way down

Stop that cuts my birth class and 2/3 easier to carry and it stays together better so what I'm going to do you don't need them measure anything just pulled it and kind of eyeball it okay for my first and then just so line then you don't have to be totally precise I'm just kind of I bowling this going straight across if you have a fabric with a line in it or something metric shapes that helps a little bit easier to sew straight line hey bring it back over bold it again okay next line should go back to the machine Doolittle back stitch just eyeball it as you go down this need to be precise okay there we go now let me show you how to do it a little later and just because you'll be amazed at how many little pieces of snail are all over the place
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