Friday, 3 March 2017


Pretty I watch it today we're going to kick off our Valentine's Day celebration with a Baby Alive Rockford tutorial check the description box for the link to the free pattern once we finish this tutorial you be able to use your creativity to make all kinds of robbers t-shirt and sweatshirt and definitely subscribe so you don't miss our next tutorial what will show you how to make Valentine's inspired dresses for Baby Alive and American Girl all right let's get started I have a pattern printed and all cut out we're going to make a rock or similar to this one that Carlos is where I'm going to use these to a shirt is my fabric stretchy material is definitely best for this project first I'll lay out the body pattern piece and cut out too then I Use the sleeves of this old sweater to cut out the sleeves of the wrong but I want the end of this leave to be folded so I'll account for that as well you can also cut the sleeves from regular T-shirt with Ariel and an armband later next cut off the stretchy bending at the bottom of the sweater this is what I used for the ankle bands and that fan all right now so FirstSource leave down to one piece of the body good side to this guy okay so after I did that I actually decided to sell these really cute little harder than a page from a sweatshirt because then they won't wrap it so now it's so the other side of this lease to The Back Body page all right now cut about 4 inches down the best that we can get this thing on our babies and if you don't have a built-in armband like ideas this is the time that you want to add that they will make those things outside from the sleeves to the ankle what's with them that we can still the ankle band down to each leg if you want the armor legs together make sure you stretch the van while sewing now so down the net ban stretching it while we still as well now to finish it up I could have 2 inch strip of sweatshirt material and sold it to one side of my back opening there so one side of a piece of velcro to the inside of the sweatshirts trip and the other side of Velcro on to the other side of the opening lastly you can turn it inside out and so down the inside leg things now technically your finish but I was inspired by baby shirt iPhone pictures and so I'm going to freehand paid on the front and feel free to follow my girls and dolls board on Pinterest if you want to sneak peek of what I might do that what's his drive we can put it on a baby in add a cute little hat check out this tutorial for how make that okay Jacob is ready to make a lot of money on Valentine's Day with his Irresistible One 0 / and what does super easy Romper pattern you can let your creativity room while Carlos has a hidden Pocket in front and Buttercup have a Hot Pocket in front also added the last and to give her a little bit please then Daisy is looking super stylish and her candy stripe Romper with her her red hearts blue down the front I had these just lying around but I saw something very similar at Dollar Tree this week and last but not least I included a bonus pattern for Gary dolls off-the-shoulder sweatshirt it is all the same basic steps but I just turn the neck under and sold it down so I hope you're feeling super inspired by Valentine's look left know which is your favorite And subscribe so you don't miss our next tutorial see you soon bye

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