Friday, 3 March 2017

DIY Baby Diaper cake

Hi everyone my friend is having a baby shower so I decided to create her diaper cake and so today I'm going to show you how to make one and so I'm going to use a baby blanket I'm going to use the stuffed animal of course diapers and all kinds of ribbons because it she's expecting a baby boy I have all kinds of blue ribbons and the blanket and stuffed animal is also kind of blue so let's get started first I'm going to take this blanket and I'm go to Creed 2 the right and now I'm just going to use the ribbon to tie it up on each this is how the blanket looks like so far I'm going to use this tube to wrap around the diapers to create to hopefully create three layers of the cake so I'm going to take a piece of ribbon and I'm going to wrap it around and my sister is going to hold the ribbons together as I all the time there in diapers and place them under the um ribbon itself each layer the first layer of the cake is ready now I'm just create two more layers here and then I'm going to The bottom layer is done and as I said I didn't 3 layers 3 individual layers of Tyler diapers now I'm going to work on the second layer and layer will have to individual layers and the third one will have one layer How to diaper cake looks like so far and now I'm going to work on the third layer right here and mr. layer will only have one drop of diapers around.

the cake is ready now comes the fun part of decorating in sodium stuffed animal Will Go On Top all we can't really see it but it will stay on top of the cake and now he's all kinds of ribbon to decorate it I will especially try to cover up the white ribbon that holds each layer of the diapers

This is how my diaper cake looks like IDM it is not difficult to make you need two people to get this thing done and a whole box of diapers although I do have some diapers left and I'm just going to put them in a gift bag it will go together with the with the cake itself and just to let you know you have to be very careful how you um grab it from the bottom so you do not destroy the cake what I did I cut out a square from dark from the um diaper box and I placed it underneath and you can't even see the cardboard from underneath and not only makes it easier to transport it but it also shows it will show money to be what kind of diapers these are and the size of the diapers because health information is on the of cardboard itself now I'm just so sad this is the close up up up the cake and as I mentioned before other show before I used two types of blue ribbons 1 plain 1 + 1 with that says it's a boy and I mean IDM it is really up to you how you decorate the cake so have fun and enjoy making your own

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