Monday, 14 November 2011

How to treating newborn baby

Congratulations Moms, you have just become a mother. Like a new mother, you might panic or confusion. Never mind, it is natural!

Well, hopefully the following tips can increase Moms confidence for caring for the baby.
In order baby not sleepy during breastfeeding.

Actually, during breastfeeding the baby is not sleepy. When finished breastfeeding, the baby sleeping soundly, indicating it is full. However, another case for premature infants or fewer months fast asleep, as well while he was feeding.

If during breastfeeding the baby sleeps, wake up with touch baby body parts like head, or gently patting her feet. Thus the next, until 15-20 minutes of breastfeeding ends.

A matching dress
Choose clothes appropriate baby age with a simple model. For example, a shirt with buttons open front, cloth diapers and pants.
1. Use clothes made from jersey or cotton (material absorbs sweat) so that your baby is comfortable to wear.
2. Before bathing your baby, prepare all her clothes. In addition to avoiding infant cold for too long because do not wearing cloth, also to save time and not complicate Moms. That way, Moms soon dress the baby shortly after baby shower.

Cleaning baby ears
After your baby shower, just wipe outside ear canal with dry tissue, how:
1. Wet your baby's special cotton bud or cotton round with warm water first. Hold the baby's head, and then clean the front, the curve of the ear leaf and behind the ears carefully. Do the same for the other ear. Once finished, dry your child's ear with a soft towel or cloth.
2. Just clean the back, outside, and around the baby's ears. Avoid cleaning the inside of the baby's ear because it can lead to cerumen (ear wax) that mixed with dust or dirt pushed into the inner ear to the vicinity of the eardrum.
3. Clean baby's ears regularly.

Cutting baby's nails
1. Use baby nail clippers.
2. Do it immediately after the baby shower because it was the nail in soft conditions, so easy to cut it.
3. Because the scissors are very dangerous, you should do the cutting while he was sleeping. Moreover, when awake, the baby usually moves on, so probably we can injure fingers or legs.
4. Follow the form of nails when cutting fingernails.
5. For toenails, cut with a straight shape. Then, always puree or miserly front nails that have been cut, so that the result is not sharp.
6. Again, be careful to do it! We recommend that you cut baby nails in the morning or afternoon as the sun shed a better light than the lamp.

Drying the baby
1. Do it between 07.00 - 09.00 am.
2. The ideal duration ranged between 10-15 minutes per day.
3. Baby clothes can be opened completely, except for pants to cover the genitals.
4. Place to drying not always directly under the sun. On the porch was allowed home bias light on the baby's body.
5. Position of the baby when drying should be inverted (supine and face down) so that the entire surface of the average baby is exposed to sunlight.
6. When sunbathing, babies should do not be picked up. Place on a flat surface (such as a table which was covered with so soft) so that the entire surface of the baby is not blocked. Of course, should remain under the supervision of Moms, yes!

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