Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Baby Shower - Welcoming Baby Birth

Baby Shower is a celebration to welcome the arrival of a baby, which is now increasingly becoming a trend among young couples. Baby shower identical with showering gift for expectant mothers and their babies.

If in Indonesia they called “sevent-month” event. In Western countries there are baby shower. The purpose of both celebrations actually similar: celebrating mother pregnancy and welcoming baby birth. However, when seven-month event with more emphasis on religious activities and rituals, the baby shower event party even more dominating. As the name implies, in that party mom and baby "showers" with prize by the invitation.

Attention. The origin of the baby shower found in ancient Roman society. In those days, a special celebration is made for the mother who is about to give birth a baby. Gifts prepared for mom and baby and all are handmade items, such as baby baskets of wood or roots of patchwork baby blankets.

Baby shower that we know today is very popular in the era of baby boom in the United States at the end of World War-2. Young couples in there showing support to colleagues who will be parents by making party and bring a variety of gifts to reduce new parents financial burden.

Open Gift. Baby shower Identical with gift for expectant mothers and their babies. Following American style, now more and more couples are asking guests to comply with a list of gifts that they created in collaboration with one particular baby shop, to be more efficient and effective. Not only gifts from friends that make pregnant mom happy in baby shower event. Opening gifts moment in the middle of the event, also become fun part of the baby shower!

Best friends and relatives living outside the city or abroad can also enjoy your baby shower and send gifts with engage them in baby shower through the social networking, your blog, or presented through and and in

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