Monday, 20 February 2012

Premature Babies Better Use Disposable Diapers

You are free to choose, more convenient to use disposable diapers or cloth diapers for the baby. Each product chosen must consider previously. Whatever your choice, make sure the parents are more attentive to the needs of infants, especially newborns.

Many mothers worry about using disposable diapers for newborns. Because newborn baby's skin is very sensitive, so there are fears the baby exposed to the risk of irritation.

These concerns are answered, with a statement related to the child specialist medical care of newborns (neonatologists) dr Rinawati Rohsiswatmo, SpA (K). "Disposable diapers can be applied to the newborn, so he could urinate, and can be exposed to the risk of irritation. What important is how the mother to ensure the skin stays clean," she continued, adding diapers began to no longer be used, and replaced by training children to learn to toilet when the children have started to speak, around the age of 1-2 years.

Premature infants.
Dr Rice also said, new baby is born prematurely or infants of low birth weight, preferably using disposable diapers.

"Most important is baby stay dry and clean. May make the mother, needs practicality, because it works for example. But in choosing the diapers, many considered as the cost and environmental issues. This is more striking for mother, returning to each. Problem environmental issues, impact is also important to consider. As the water used for wash cloth diapers are also a lot more. One-time cleaning can be used four times for bathe adults, "said Dr. Rice on the sidelines of the launch MamyPoko Stripes Extra Dry Pad at the Hotel Gran Melia, Jakarta, Monday (09/26/2011).

Meanwhile, for babies born premature or low birth weight babies, Dr. Rina describe a disposable diaper is more appropriately used. Although there is no proper size for these babies, disposable diapers are more scalable.

"Urine baby can be weighed when using disposable diapers, especially for premature infants or small babies. S size diapers are usually too big, so it should be cut and pasted his own," said Dr. Rina

About how many times the disposable diapers should be changed, Dr. Rina explained there was never sure about this standard. Many factors also affect, such as the climate that affects the skin, as well as baby needs.

"The important thing is dry and clean. Therefore diapers need to be replaced soon, although no exact figure how many times a day should be replaced. Skin problems also depend on the climate. If people in Japan to change the baby five times a day, in Indonesia may only need four times, due to different climatic conditions, "she explained.

According to Dr. Rina, parents or caregivers must be sensitive and need to frequently check to see if diapers needs to be replaced or not. If the baby is always clean and dry (not wet or damp areas on the buttocks, genitals, inner thighs), irritation can be avoided.

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