Thursday, 19 July 2012

Baby Gift Ideas to Stimulate Baby Sense of Touch

While it is fun to buy the cute clothing and outfits, think about other baby gift choices that can actually be beneficial to the newborn baby’s progress.

Babies can already see, hear, taste and touch things while still in the uterus. There are a lot of manners you and your baby can engage in to help stimulate the development of their sense of touch. Here are a few baby gift ideas to reflect on as well;

Giving meaningful new born baby gifts for the Christening is important. Photo books and photo albums are fabulous new born baby gifts for the Christening as they display precious photos.

So using these photos for new born baby gifts is ideal. If you’ve printed the photos already make stunning photo albums in which you place the photo prints. Photo albums are traditional yet creative Christening gifts which the parents will cherish forever.

Teething rings, Squishy toys, Toys of various shapes and textures

A baby plays gym or walker with various toys of differing shapes and textures

Baby blankets with various textiles of different feeling textures.

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