Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Baby Shower for New and Expecting Military Mom

Some military wives are enjoying new gifts as they prepare for the births of their children. A couple dozen expectant mothers were treated to a baby shower Tuesday.

The trappings for this baby shower were like those held for any expecting mother: fruit salads, balloons, tables meticulously covered with clothes and cut sunflowers in vases.

It was about thanking the 40 wives of military men for dealing with pregnancy while their husbands serve during wartime, said LeAnn Morrissey, the founder of the group that hosted the party. Tuesday marked Operation Shower's first event in Chicago, and moms from around the city and surrounding states dined on BLTs and goblets of sparkling juice and given armfuls of onesies, diapers, crib blankets, teething rings, tote bags and more. "It's literally everything that a mom should receive at a baby shower," Morrissey said.

Organizers for the shower also invited women with military husbands whose children were three months or younger, and pregnant women whose husbands may be at home but were injured or wounded while deployed.

The parties and gifts are funded by sponsorships and other donations organized by Operation Shower, Morrissey's nonprofit group based in St. Louis.

It was a chance to socialize and maybe even to compare baby bumps. But, most importantly, these military moms and moms-to-be had a chance to be in the spotlight at a group baby shower for close to 40 women whose husbands are either deployed overseas or away from home for extensive training.

There were more surprise giveaways including big-ticket raffle items like strollers.

While the mothers say the shower and the gifts are greatly appreciated, what means the most is the recognition for their service to the country.

Presents went to moms from northern Illinois, northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin.

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