Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to Choose Baby Blanket for Newborn

Baby blankets are usually the first item baby received as a gift. A new mother who has a baby usually very happy to choose new blanket to wrap and bring the little one back home from hospital. Nowadays many doctors who recommend to mother to be careful when putting a baby in a crib covered with a blanket.

Many warnings uttered by a doctor or health care professional are a risk of the syndrome that can suddenly kill the baby. This is possible because the baby accidentally covered by a baby blanket used to cover their body.

Most modern mothers choose to lull baby to the supine positions to reduce the risk of fussy at night. We could also use baby sleeping bags to keep little one feel warm all night. Now there are even baby blankets products made of lightweight gauze, environmentally friendly and also porous surfaces. This blanket is also very soft and light weight so that the baby can breathe through the pores of the fabric. This blanket can be used at the top of the stroller as a deterrent to the Sun. Even the blankets with this design can be used as a cover while breastfeeding.

Still a baby would need their own baby blankets are’ made of fur, cotton and micro fibers. Even now there are blankets that can be made specifically to the three first letters of the name of the little one. In addition, the covers can also be selected according to the color of the stroller. If we want a blanket with a personal impression then we can embroider the pattern with the name and date of birth on the top of the baby blanket. Baby blankets have various functions, among others:

1. Hang baby blankets over baby cribs for decorating or protecting the baby from a mosquito bite.

2. Wrap the baby after bath.

3. Hugging a baby when we read a story.

4. Use it as a base when it comes to baby massage.

5. As a cover while the baby is in a stroller.

6. Baby blanket can be used as a cover when putting your little one in the car seat.

7. When the babies grow more mature, let them use their baby blankets to keep them comfortable in their sleep.

Baby blanket for your little one is like the warmth of the mother's arms and provide comfort and safety when babies start growing up. You can be sure that having a baby is an inestimable happiness.

Just by looking at pictures of babies sleeping comfortably in the baby blanket will surely bring a smile of everyone who saw it. The comfort of the baby itself actually depends on a few things: how to wrap the baby, how you hold the baby, the materials used for the blanket, the size of the quilt and many other things. To be able to wrap it well then the materials and size of the quilt is very important:

1. The size of the blanket
Comfort for your little one is determined by the size of baby blankets. For its size alone must be fit, not too big nor too small. Usually a blanket that circulating on the market, measuring 36x52 inches. Unfortunately this size is too large for the baby. This size is suitable if it is used to cover the baby cribs. The size of the fitting or ideal for a baby is 36x38 inches.

2. Form or blanket models.
The box-shaped blanket is not good to wrap the baby. Length of triangle-shaped blanket is also not good to wrap the baby. Both are excellent for wrapping the baby cribs.

3. Baby blanket Material.
The Material used as the maker of the blanket is the most important factor in the comfort of the baby. The first thing that needs to be examined is whether this material is porous or not. Blanket material must also be gentle on baby's skin and does not cause the baby's skin scraped or be rude. In addition, the materials used must also be easily washable, lightweight and provide warmth for your little one. Material that meets these entire criteria fleece. Therefore fleece blanket is the best choice baby blanket.

4. Color and blankets design.
There are various design baby blankets are available in stores. The most popular colors remain blue for baby boys and Pink for baby girls. We can even make a baby blanket has a personal impression with knitting blanket.

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