Saturday, 12 February 2011

3 Reason | Make Your Own Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers

You might consider a baby diaper cake as the best gifts for new mothers. A baby diaper cake made of diapers and other ingredients such as baby lotion, tape, baby toys and more.
Actually there are 2 ways to get the diaper cakes. Buy it or make your own diaper cakes for baby showers. If you are serious to give the best gifts diaper cakes for baby showers, diaper cakes is the best choice. Here are the top 3 reasons why you need to make your own diaper cake when you can buy it.

  1. This is about feeling and heart. Just imagine if on your birthday, you receive a special gift from your friends and  that gifts are  your own friends handmade? Of course, you will more appreciate it! It's all about the heart and if you put in your efforts to make its own diaper cakes, new mothers will feel, and touched by your efforts.
  2. Making diaper cakes are cheaper than buying. If you visit the local shops that sell gifts for the baby, you may find that the price could reach $ 50 - $ 100 or even higher. Therefore, make your own diaper cakes for baby showers is much more efficient and regard it as an opportunity to learn something new. In fact, relatively easy to make own diaper cakes for baby showers .
  3. It is a very pleasant experience. Make your own baby cakes for baby showers can be a fun process. This is because it is a homemade gift, you are forced to pour some of your creativity and this is a fun process and full of challenges. You'll never know until you try it yourself.

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