Saturday, 12 February 2011

6 Ideas for Baby Boy Birth

A good friend gives you a good news, now he become father for his new baby boy. This is the first child of your friend and you want to give something memorable to the new family. Congratulations to new parents have you convey over the phone, but actually he waiting for you to share happiness with him. Incomplete if you only came with empty hands, a few ideas to buy gifts imagined in your head, about what the appropriate gift to buy for a baby boy of your friend. Some ideas may help you:

1. Animal Blanket
Some manufacturers provide shaped animal blankets design. This means that these blankets can be folded into animal shapes. The most frequently encountered was a blanket frogs, penguins and ducks.

2. Digital Picture Frames.
This gift might be little bit expensive, but very worthed. Favorite photos of your friends, wife and baby can be placed here, It's very attractive because  can switch automatically. This tool can be placed in the living room so all guests can see the beautiful moments.

3. Gift Packages.
If you want to save time by giving gifts with various item in one package, then the gift packages are the right choice. Baby Boy packages usually consist of bottles, bibs, baby rattles and some other things related to baby boy that can be enjoyed.

4. Growth chart
The best way to document the growth of a baby boy of  your friends so they can track their baby's growth.

5. Bath Set
To make bath time more intimate for both mother and baby boy, a bath set will do the trick. By giving Them That this set has a loofah, bubble maker, shampoos and more, the bath set is something the mother and the baby boy will from be using over and over again.

6. Diaper Cakes
This one seems mandatory in every baby birth party. Beautiful shapes look likes real cake, can also be used for decoration on the table, and also used by mother in the future because they hold up for weeks and months. You can buy it at a local store or you can make your own cake. Items used to decorate the cake must be related to the theme for baby boy like a doll car or stuffed animal . If you make your own cake, also include in it a business card that contains your contact info, because if  all guests like your diapers cakes for baby maybe you have chance to growth you business and make some extra cash.

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