Friday, 18 February 2011

Baby Shower - Ideas for baby wording poem

Choosing the right wording for your ideas for baby Shower can be a challenging task. Here are some short poems, quotes, and other cute sayings that you can use on your favors:
  • Blankets,bibs, booties, and bow…tea parties, dolls, and dress up clothes. Barrettes, ribbons, and hair to curl
  • Where are baby’s little footprints are found, There is precious and hallowed ground. It’s a Baby shower
  • Little hands and little feet, pure and precious and oh-so sweat!
  • Two little feet that are so sweat…..A new baby boy we can’t wait to meet
  • Two brand new babies are on the way, so let’s celebrte with a special day
  • A brand new baby is on the way, so let’s celebrate before the big day
  • We are tickled pink and happy to say, a precious baby girl is on the way
  • Diapers and bibs, bottle and more…that’s what baby showers are for!
  • We’re wildly and awaiting the hour… let’s celebrate at a baby shower!
  • They're expecting a new private in their troop and our mission is to shower them with gifts...A pair of cano pants, and army truck for boy....let's help them prepare for a baby boy

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