Sunday, 6 February 2011

Disposable Diapers or Cloth Diaper?

Many young mothers difficult to choose the material for baby diapers. Using cloth diapers or disposable diapers? Before you buy diapers, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of each

Advantages of Disposable Diapers
Parents do not  bother to changing diapers, throw it straight. Children can sleep more quiet because they not disturbed by  wet diaper, especially when sleeping at night. Practical especially to go for a walk. No need to wash, so saving water and detergent. Reduce rash

Disadvantages of Disposable Diapers
Diapers waste difficult to recycled  . It is take 200-500 years for diapers waste to actually recycled. Some companies began to find  diaper material that easy to recycle.

Diaper trash can damage the environment. Diapers rubbish buried in  landfills can pollute the environment because when exposed by rain, the contents of the diaper can damage to the soil (along with other waste) and pollute the groundwater.

Advantages Using Cloth Diapers
Obviously cheaper than disposable diapers because we only need to buy maybe 1-2 dozen cloth diaper.
Reduce waste. Imagine if a baby is producing 6000 disposable diapers and discarded into the landfill. How many babies in the world?
Can be recycled. When the diapers are not used and thrown away can be recycled back because made of cotton material.
Made of cotton. Cotton material much better than material from plastic.

Disadvantages of  Using Cloth Diapers
Using lots of water, detergent and electricity. Made of cotton. Although it may be updated, but when the cotton plant that will use non-organic fertilizers and pesticides are harmful to the environment.
Less comfortable for the baby. Using cloth diapers does not fit in baby  like a disposable diaper and  more comfortable. Cloth diapers can leaked to the left / right because it is not closed. S, if the baby is active, this may be very difficult

What do you choose?
If you choose disposable diapers, then you choose to increase waste in your environment. When you choose cloth diapers, you can reduce waste in your environment.
Personally, i use both for my baby. When at home we use cloth diapers except at night to sleep more soundly. But if we go out of the house we will use disposable diapers because it is more practical. What about your experience?

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