Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Make Extra Income with selling Baby Diaper Cakes

Selling online diaper cake is a great way to make extra money. They are shaped like a real cake, but can not be eaten. Diaper cakes can be used as gifts for new mothers. The main ingredient to make a diaper cake is disposable diapers, baby bottles, blankets, baby clothes and some other useful items to decorate a cake that can be bought in supermarkets or baby gear store. This business can be run as  part time or full time because there will always demand for baby gifts.

  1. Learn how to make a diaper cake before you start to sell them.
  2. Make a list of materials that you will use, including the cost of each. This is useful for determining the selling price of a cake in the market.
  3. Open an account at online trading sites like, or This is done to save time you advertise the product because these sites are visited by millions of users online every day.
  4. You can use Paypal to transactions with buyers. Why? Because PayPal is trusted online payment tool and most used  widely today.
  5. Promote your business with advertise in local newspapers, make flyers and stick it in public places frequently traveled one, create a brochure, create a business card that contains your contact information and include in each diaper cake you sold.
  6. Start selling diaper cakes and enjoy your extra income online

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