Sunday, 13 February 2011

Planning Baby Showers Party with Diaper cakes

You are requested to plan a baby shower party with some friends and this is a very special party for parents who wait for their baby's. They will receive a few things baby's needs. Buying baby gifts and shower, decor, style and themes should be taken into account. Gifts should be useful for new parents and at the same time not boring for them. So, what is the best stuff as a gift for them?

With a variety of considerations and is an item that must be present in every baby shower party, Diaper cake is the best option. Artificial cake that can not be eaten, they are made of 85-100 diapers that you can buy at local baby stores. Each diaper is designed to attach to one another to form tier and all the gifts form the 2-4 tier of diapers that have been tied. To make it look more interesting, add a colored ribbon to tie up some baby products with a diaper around it. An experience that they can not forget as new parents, receive gift some baby products, blankets, clothing, and toiletries and toys that decorate the exterior of baby shower cakes that look brighter and more colorful.

Diaper cakes are also very useful for parents and baby after the baby shower party finished. They will need plenty of diapers for next 1 to 2 years and some baby gifts as an initial inventory.

Color design gives a special appearance, use pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys are the most commonly encountered when baby showers party. As a result, animal themes, holiday and sports team can be easily found.

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