Thursday, 24 February 2011

Birth Announcement Through Facebook

With the presence of social networking sites like twitter, facebook, and koprol has changed the way every person to communicate online. Lots of companies and marketers who use the services of the social networking site to increase sales by directly interacting with them. Consumers can directly express what they desire, and companies give what is desired by consumers. It is easy than before the Internet was found. But, do you know that you can take advantage of social networking sites such as faceebook to announce the birth of your baby?

Some friends that I knew had done it. They made the birth announcement for their babies who have been in the design resembles a postcard. Really Interesting.

There are some check list you should consider when making the announcement birth through facebook:
  1.  Design - you can make a birth announcement designs using photoshop or corel draw. If you can not use photoshop or corel draw, then ask for help a friend is a way out. Make sure you include a picture of a baby in it.
  2. Fans Page - You can make personal fans page for the new baby and invite your friends in it
  3. Tag - after you upload birth announcements design , tag your friends on the birth announcement. Tag your friends you know and they are also know you. Do not tag all the people.
  4. Comment - replay all the incoming comment.
  5. Say thank you to friends who have give comments.

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