Tuesday, 15 February 2011

9 Tips to Buy Diaper Cakes Online

You are doing business today and requires more attention, but suddenly you receive an email invitation to attend the baby shower party from an old friend at his home. Of course you do not want to make him upset, you intend to give a special gift for them. Time to be the only obstacle that you face because of your business so you had no time to buy the gift. The way out to solve this problem is to buy gifts online. My advice, buy a diaper cakes as gifts is best option.

There are several things you should consider before you decide to buy a diaper cakes for baby online:
  1. Budget. How much money can you provide to buy gifts at online store because the price of an average of 3 tier diaper cakes with simple decoration is $ 50.
  2. Themes. Knowing the theme of baby shower party allows you to select a gift theme that will be purchased. It is most easily to find out a theme from design of invitation card that you received, what the most dominant color on the invitation card, baby boy or a girl, and where the party will be held (outdoor or indoor). If you receive less info, you can simply ask them about the theme of the party will be held.
  3. Unique gifts. Visit online store which  provides unique design appropriate budget you have. If the price is not match with the budget you have, contact them and ask if there is a special discount.
  4. Custom baby diaper cakes. If the designs on display do not match with your criteria, you can order according to the theme and budget you have. Ask them if they are able to make a cake match with theme and budget you have and how long does it take to complete.
  5. Ask them if the design ready stock or not.
  6. Shipping Time. Check on the website how much time it takes to deliver that cake. You do not want the cake came after the party finished. Plan 1 week before the baby shower party will be held.
  7. Cashback. Ask them if you will receive your money back 100% if you don't receive your order. 
  8. Check how much shipping cost.. Ask them if they can combined shipping cost  if you buy more than one with same address
  9. I recommend to you for using PayPal for online transaction. PayPal has a pretty good policy to protect buyers from online fraud.

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