Monday, 7 February 2011

How to choose good diapers for your baby?

This story is inspired by my friend - she said,  12-month-old baby who had experienced skin irritation, red scratches occur on the baby buttocks . Humidity is a major cause of diapers rash . Humidity in addition affected by temperature in the room, was also influenced by the thickness of the diaper.

Then she lowered the room temperature becomes colder and change her baby diapers with the thinner one, this advice from a doctor. Few days later the red spots disappeared and the baby can sleep comfortably.
Before you buy  diapers for the baby, you should consider some of the criteria below:
  • Diapers should allow for air circulation in your baby's skin so the baby's skin not easily irritated and trigger diaper rash . More diapers thickness can make a non-current air circulation so the skin becomes moist and easy to show irritation.
  • Good diapers must have smooth surface to keep baby's skin stays fresh and comfortable.
  • Diapers must have good absorptive capacity and good size, not easily leak, not too big or small so as baby can move freely.
  • Indicator, to determine if the diaper has exceeded the power tamping or not

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