Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ideas for Baby Shower Prize game

So many ideas to choose for baby shower party game welcoming new baby. And there are many ideas for gifts for the game. Be sure to think that the guests will find something useful and at the same time not out of the theme. Below are some ideas for baby shower prize:

1. T-shirts - with a personal touch that will make the guests remember the baby shower event.

2. Mini Cake and cookies - you can buy  on your local bakery or make them yourself. You can make cake or cookies for everyone and make A Few special for the winner. This cake and cookies are come in various flavor.

3. Bottles candy - take a baby bottle, clean and then fill with candy of your choosing. add ribbon at the top of the bottle and attach a card with a personal touch to make it more interesting.

4. Paper King Hat - pieces of paper and shape like king's crown. This crown is specially made for guests of the most victorious in every game because there are few gaming sessions at every baby shower party. add special touches such as the words "King of the game" and decorated with a variety of attractive colors.

5. Chocolate - chocolate wrapped with colored tape according to theme. This will be a simple gift but still interesting.

Choosing the right gift for baby shower games will make the event fun and not boring. In some cases, you have a gift for each person as something that could be in mind and the winners get a special gift from you.

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