Friday, 4 February 2011

Step by step to make single tier baby diaper cake

Diaper cakes are not real cakes. Diapers formed like cakes and usually given as gifts to new mothers. If your finances running low, making single tier diaper cake for new mothers is an interesting choice considering to create 3 tiers of diaper cake will cost you expensive and complicated in the process.
Single tier diaper cake has its own theme, unique, and you can add a few items needed by new mothers to use to their babies. You can show your work to all peoples or placed in a  basket gift and wrapped with plastic to make it more personal. 

Step by step to make single tier baby diaper cake
  1. Roll up all baby diapers from back to front to create a cylinder shape. Tie the diaper with a rubberband to maintain its shape.
  2. On a flat surface, hold 4 oz baby bottle with one hand. Place 4 to 5 baby diapers vertically around baby bottle. Tie the diapers in place with rubber band.
  3. Add 10 to 15 diapers around the first circle of diapers. Stand vertically and tie them in place with another rubber band.
  4. With 20 to 25 diapers, form a circle around the first two circles. Tie with a large rubber band around the circle.
  5. Glue a baby bottle on the cake board with hot glue gun. Avoid gluing or embed the diaper in place so that they can be used.
  6. Fold blankets for proper fit in the diaper cake. blankets needed to cover the entire diaper cake but do not hang over the edge of the cake board.
  7. Put diaper pin to the blankets to keep the blanket attached to the diaper. Using tape 1-1-1 / 2 inch to wrap the diaper is another way besides using a pin.
  8. You can add decoration on top of a single tier diaper cake . Stuffed animals, rubber ducks and a big bow often added to the top of the diaper cake. to remain in place, attach the item with two-sided tape or tie with a rubber band.

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